Durex: The Love Machine

The Love Machine was an application game concept for durex.com. It acts as a relationship test and suggests ways to ‘spice it up‘ in the bedroom. It was translated into dozens of different languages and was live for over a year.

Durex: PillowTlk

Durex wanted to create a one-stop shop for anything and everything to do with sex. It needed to be a place where people could ask advice via web-chats with experts and doctors, discuss sexual health, blog about their experiences, read interviews with celebrities, and pick up tips. But if they wanted, they could do so anonymously. So pillowtalk.com was born. A new sex related social media website, which won the pitch.   

Durex: The Invite

Created for the Durex website ‘The Invite’ gave visitors the opportunity to invite their partners on a bespoke romantic evening, and if they’re feeling a bit cheeky... an early night. It ran for a month either side of Valentines day.