Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Global hair extensions brand Great Lengths needed standout visuals for their bold new look. Working alongside designers, photographers and retouchers I oversaw the creation of the new brand's art direction and also devised the Tone Of Voice.

The "Become The One" concept was predominantly fashion focused (so stunning aesthetics were the priority), though we managed to get a bit of an idea running through the style along the lines of "Which ONE will you become?" Are you a Shade Shifter – dedicated to decadent colour? Or maybe you're an Amplified Spirit – ready to pump up the volume? Either way, with Great Lengths you can guarantee your hair will turn heads. 

The Shade shifter

With colour and charisma, she’s armed to the teeth. Luring her victims with seductive shades like a moth to a flame. Bold, enchanting, fearless, a head turner if ever there was one – just try not to stare.

Amplified Spirit

A vivacious style disciple on a mission to revive the luscious look. If locks loom pleading for the kiss of life, she’s ready to inject volume in an instant. Eternally the liberator of the loud and proud, the architect of intensity, she’s the personification of big hair.