In 2017 Sellotape will be 80. And to mark the momentous occasion, this great British icon wants to do its biggest ever Christmas campaign. With this in mind, Henkel called a pitch with three of its existing (multi-national network) agencies and one wildcard, us. After a competitive pitch (at first stage) with the Sellotape client, and a presentation to Henkel's Global Marketing Director (at second stage), we not only secured the Sellotape account permanently – but the entire Henkel brand portfolio. Not bad for the "wildcard". 

The campaign was supported by a full shopper journey from creating initial awareness to point of purchase. (But that was contained in a 100 page deck, so for now, here’s a few of the more interesting bits). Below is the initial pitch creative that won the account. The core thought and campaign focused around the client's anniversary edition packaging. 


Is there a gift big enough to thank the people who have stuck by you? Having brought people together for 80 years, Sellotape knows how you can give more than a gift this Christmas. Make a promise to stick by the ones that matter the most.

The core thought & the tin

From the offset it was clear that the task was only partially about selling Sellotape. Primarily the client wanted to sell their 80th anniversary tin and celebrate their part in Christmas for over 80 years. So the question was: How do you convince the public to part with £3.99 when you can pick-up generic sticky tape for 50 pence?

With that in mind, we set out to turn the product from an expensive roll of tape into a sentimental stocking filler. 

For as long as we’ve been giving presents, Sellotape has played a supporting roll. This year, show how much you care by promising to stick by your loved ones. Give them a little loving message wrapped around a beautiful limited edition collectable.

Microsite message in a tin

To get the word out there and to drive sales online, one of many things we suggested was a sharable social campaign where consumers could record personalised promises on a microsite to share with someone they care for. Both the sender and recipient were pushed to buy the tin from retailers with the added incentive of potentially winning the ultimate get-together.   

Facebook live interactive experiential 

In support, we also proposed a highly PR-able experiential stunt. Using Facebook Live people would be able to submit the names of a loved one they promise to “stick by” for it to be spelled out LIVE for all to see. A truly unique grand gesture.  

Interactive digital billboard  

Located in major shopping locations these tweetable billboards are designed to provide people with a platform to show a loved one just how much they care. Another grand gesture at at time of year famous for when we all get a bit more sentimental.