Wolf: Italian Street Food

Once an eye-catching new name and identity had been crafted, I was tasked with creating film and photographic assets that aligned with the brand's new and rebellious Italian-street style. Taking influences from traditional Italian flavours but with a modern twist. Put simply – Wolf's all about delicious food, with attitude.

Working with virtually no budget, we called in some favours from a couple of photographer and videographer friends. Working in collaboration with the crew and our Creative Director; I wrote, directed and oversaw all elements of production to tell the story of the brand and its origin. All the while, trying to find the perfect balance between Wolf’s tempting dishes and the brand's unique attitude.

Below is the brand film we produced (to attract new investment from a crowd sourcing site.) As well as a few of the photographic assets.


The below website was designed by a former colleague, it’s merely featured on this page to show some of the photography in context.